Fine Artist, Heavy Machine Operator, Lover of Nature, Owner of '78 Land Cruiser, 82nd Airborne 

 Unexplained.....October 22, 2015.....

John Thomas Ferguson was raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. His birthplace was London, England where his father was serving in the United States Navy. After his father's service time was over and three kids later, his mother and father moved the family to the Blue Ridge Mountains where John's father was born and raised.

From a very early age, John cherished the Blue Ridge and was intrigued with nature's colors and their dramatic changes from season to season. He loved the velvet soft greens of spring that turned into the darker green foliage of summer, the slow moving rivers and creeks that came alive with lush overhanging canopies turning the water into reflecting pools with valves of mesmerizing colors. As the greens of summer faded into the yellows and ambers of autumn, the mountains burned like frozen fire in a breathtaking fluidity of colors that quickly dimmed as the majestic hardwood trees bowed down to winter's frozen blues and purples twinkling from the waterfalls tumbling freely down the mountainside.

Ferguson's talent began to shine in the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army. As he parachuted from the blue skies around Lincoln National Forest of New Mexico, John developed a strong interest in nature's landscapes and began to recapture this interest through drawing and painting.

After his service in the military, he spent a few years back home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. At the age of 25, he knew his dreams and ventures in life were just beginning. John moved to Colorado where the scenery stimulated his interest in nature even more.

After a few years in Colorado, John moved north to Jackson, Wyoming where he lived for eight years. It was there his interest as an artist evolved. He started taking art classes, working in different mediums, and spending endless hours drawing. His hard work paid off when he was chosen to design and create the town symbol of Jackson, Wyoming.

John enjoys mountain climbing and has climbed some of the highest peaks in the United States. He has experienced the wonder of standing atop the Grand Teton in Wyoming looking west into Yellowstone Park across the valley of Jackson Hole where the Snake River winds its way through one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in the United States. He loves cross-country skiing where his solitude is only interrupted by the occasional tracks of wildlife. His passions include kayaking, canoeing, and fly-fishing rivers such as the Missouri in Montana and the Shenandoah and New Rivers of Virginia. Drifting a river at sunset observing spontaneity's creations is an experience that incorporates an emotional balance of being for him.

John has a great interest in his natural surroundings and has an understanding of the delicate balance of the environment. His fascination with nature is almost seductive, drawing him into the outdoors at every opportunity. John has also lived in other scenic regions such as Monterey, California, Clearwater, Florida, the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, Flat Head Valley in Montana, and Talkeeta, Alaska, a small village at the base of Mt. McKinley. His travels have taken him as far north as the Yukon Territory of Canada to Nova Scotia. These places of divine expression are captured in his painting reflecting his life experiences through the beauty and colors of the natural world. John's extensive travels and appreciation for his natural surroundings have played a major role in his art.

Always living on nature's realm of solitude.



Springtime, Blue Ridge Mountains

34" x 24"


Change of Season, Blue Ridge Mountains

26.25" x 31.75"